I need you

Ik kwam vanavond per toeval nog eens langs The Scabs. Goh.. nostalgie. Die “Royalty in Excile”, die heb ik echt kapot gedraaid. Ik heb hem vanavond nog eens beluisterd, ik blijf ‘m goed vinden. Ik ga er nog wat in blijven hangen deze week denk ik. 🙂

you could’ve noticed
by the way that I was tryin’ to catch your eyes
you could have known it
‘cause I tried to start a conversation twice
I was really excited when you turned around and laughed at me
a silly smile and I didn’t know what to say

I need you, baby, I need you
I wanna have a talk with you
baby it’s so true

we didn’t notice
that we talked and laughed until the morning light
you didn’t show it
you were waiting all the time to hold me tight
I’m really excited, I wanna come home and live with you
but I’m really tired and I got no place to go


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